Alzheimer’s & Dementia

As your parent or grandparent ages, his or her memory may not be as sharp as before. This can also decline their independence and they will most likely need round-the-clock supervision by a professional.

At Bethlehem Home Health Care, Inc., we understand what it is that you are going through. Our staff includes home care professionals who are experienced with memory care. We specialize in caring for elderly individuals who have Alzheimer’s, Dementia or other Memory-Declining conditions.

This program is highly focused on keeping your parent or grandparent safe and comfortable. We watch over them while they are at home and will take them to medical appointments to nearby healthcare facilities. The home care staff will also ensure that their medications are taken on time and that they do not wander off outside your home.

Clients who have Alzheimer’s & Dementia are highly vulnerable to wandering off and then getting lost. They can also easily forget to eat or to take their medication. With a personal care professional present in your home to attend to your parent or grandparent’s needs, you will have peace of mind that your family member is in the best hands.

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